We believe in eating from Mother Nature’s Table.

We Have Become a Nation of Fast & Easy, addicted to things that speed us up in the morning and slow us down in the evening and a belief that we can’t live without them. Statistics show 80% of Americans are under the influence of an addictive substance at any given time.

Examples include: Refined sugar, processed foods, HFCS, gluten, MSG, and energy drinks, have a drug like effect. Sadly, we feel we have limited choices or options to break free from these addictive toxins.

Processed foods are designed with flavors that excite our taste buds and chemicals that trigger our mind to crave more. These harm our gut microbiome and decrease our cognition. Our body then carries the load of these addictive toxins increasing our chances of stress and fatigue.  If we are open we can see that ‘food insanity’ surrounds us in all areas of life, disrupting our moods, relationships, and waistline.

What can you do?

Begin by asking yourself what you really want. Continuing the cycle of toxic exposures, brain fog, inflammation, and fatigue? Or health?  The choice is yours.


The benefits of eating well.

With a good internal environment we can automatically default to positive habits even if we are tired and stressed.

“Let food be thy medicine.” Hippocrates



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